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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  December 18, 2013 3:00pm-3:31pm PST

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hello, everydtroutman. ' been searching the web for the best videos of the day and we got them for you "right this minute". >> get away from me! >> an old grudge match becomes a parking lot brawl. turns out these two went to high school together in north carolina. >> find out why they're probably not going to the class reunion together. >> these pilots defy death all the time.
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>> they keep upping the ante. >> and the newest thrill, how low can you go. >> it's a traffic tieup. and this car, why that's better than getting smash burgered. >> and dude just crashing along. >> surfing, singing and playing the guitar. >> meet the ultimate multi-tasker who is good at everything. >> i'm not going to lie to you guys. when i first saw this video, i just shook my head. >> shm. >> get your [ bleep ] back in your [ bleep ] car. >> is this real? >> this is real. and it escalated quickly, wouldn't you say? >> what did it escalate over? >> let me tell you the back story. this is melissa. the other gentleman is lauren.
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this gentleman is carey. they went to high school together in north carolina. today they ended up in the same apartment complex in lynnwood, washington. >> she keeps saying he left bullets on her doorstep but by "bullet" she meant coors light, the silver bullet. >> get away from me! >> leave me alone! >> get away from me! get the [ bleep ] away from me. >> they start throwing punches at each other. she seems to throw the first one and he retaliates. they were budds in high school. melissa and lauren should carey out, they stopped hanging out with him. >> get away from me, get away from me, get away from me. get away from me! >> you ruined my life!
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>> get away from me. >> then the police were called in but no charges were made, no arrests made. and according to the video, melissa only had seven more days in this apartment complex anyway. she was moving out. >> this is like the worst version of jerry springer. >> he was saying i just want to go to my car. >> but he never left the scene. he just stayed. >> you need to [ bleep ] leave. >> these two girls hanging on to the hood? >> like they know anything about the hood. >> i'm sorry to have rejected you. get over it! >> a florida man with a long arrest record has more charges he's facing after this dui dash cam arrest. a state trooper spotted this guy weaving in and out erratically
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so the officer followed. they got up to speeds of 125 miles per hour when the driver refused to pull over. the kriefr has gone into the grassy area between the freeway but he has not stopped. another officer comes to help, hits the police car, hits the guardrail again and then gets out of the car. he's casually walking away. he does not act like he's in a hurry until police catch him and tase him. he falls over the guardrail and down the embankment. they eventually catch up to the guy. the deputy in the second car, he was on his way home. he was just stopping to help. irvine had been arrested nearly 20 times before, including several dui. >> he got out like he just parked his car in a parking lot. >> here's the spot i was looking
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for. >> on the ground now! >> here they are arresting him and here he's offering no resistance. he's like i know what is going on. >> this guy did not have a lot going through his head at the time. >> it's amazing how many stunts we've seen winged suit pilots pull off. they still keep upping the ante. look at this one. >> whoa. >> that's crazy. >> this video was hosted by epic tv. >> this is brian drake. this is a sea area in france. they wanted to pull off this stunt because it's a very tight gulley they wanted to fly. i don't think anyone realized brian was going to fly so close to the ground for such a close period of time and it is amazing.
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we'll get it in slow-mo. >> how do you pull out of this? >> it's cool to see the angle of his body. you can see him trying to get as much lift as possible as he's coming down through there and there is no room for any mistake. at first glance it looks like nothing here. the dash cam video, put the brake lights on and pull over because it looks like traffic coming in the opposite direction. you pull over, the car's dash cam does the same but then -- >> oh! >> that car just got sandwiched. >> out of nowhere. it doesn't slow down at all before it hits this thing. you can see the windshield of this car completely pop off. >> the air bag pops open. >> i don't know if the brakes stopped working or if he was going so fast he didn't have
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time to stop and veered because he thought there were no cars there. you also see the person in the car in front of us get out. it doesn look li that person was ju we've seen a lot of dash videos. we haven't seen one like this truck. traveling down the highway. eventually a honda civic pulled up. looks like it's going to pass this truck. doesn't get far enough in front of the truck. its back end gets taken out. turns completely horizontal, smashes up against the front of this truck and it pushed more more than 300 feet down this highway. eventually the truck pulls over and is like what the heck are you trying to do there? >> and it's hard to miss a giant truck. it's almost like a car made of a
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magnet. >> like a vacuum. >> a skier takes his trick to the streets. see what caught him off guard. >> it's magical. >> see how wrapping it up will slide it right off. ce
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of wood.
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you see them take the clerk, a father of two, to the back of the counter. they force him to the register where they take about 800 australian dollars, which is about $700 u.s. dollars and they do of course grab themselves a few -- >> smokes and alcohol, right? >> just cigarettes. >> they just loaded up on cigarettes and stormed out. fortunately they didn't harm the clerk or the customer in the store at the time. the other video happened in utah. this time of year a lot of packages are delivered. the homeowner received a confirmation that their packages had been delivered. there they are, grinches that decided they were their packages. before you know it, you see a woman get out of the truck, walk up to the porch and start taking the packages. the man follows and picks up a
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few himself. when the homeowner got home, eight of the packages that were out there are now missing. >> and in broad daylight, too. like this is a normal thing, pull your truck up and steal this from someone else's porch. >> it's better to have your packages delivered to work if you are working during the day. >> still pretty early in 2013 but still plenty of time for some great rail. the first one, bounces offer to this rail. the rail doesn't hold him. >> oh the rail failed! >> the whole rail collapses underneath him. watch it again. >> i'm going to blame like the parks department. >> i think he did the city a favor here. if someone just walked up or down that and they fell, you got a lawsuit on your hand.
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thank you, mr. skier. next from a snow boarder, he pulls the trick off perfectly. it's stopping that's the problem. the truck was just about to start moving when this guy can't stop. smacks right into the truck. >> what was their plan? there was only a little bit of snow and the parking lot. >> and another truck. >> their plan was to fly down that rail. >> beyond that. >> can't play that. >> ever gotten a ringcaught on yofi stuckon your finger? maybe you shoved it over your fat knuckle and couldn't get it off? >> no. >> rings get stuck for all kinds of reasons. we have a guy named larry mellic behind the camera. he's in a pediatric e.r. the woman on the left performing the trick is heather.
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the woman with the ring stuck on her nurse is tina. basically what happened is tina went to an art festival in georgia. she put it on and can take can off. >> she's taking a shoestring and wrapping it tightly just below the nail past the knuckle and she takes the end of the shoestring and sticks it through the ring that is stuck on her finger and you start unravel elling. the ring is. >> you almost make like a screw on the person fingering the screw. >> there was no like jiggling or anything like that. there you go and bob's your
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uncle. >> she she bought that at the art festival, the ring wouldn't have been stuck on her fing zerp someday he'll get get back on the race circuit. >> and stel to come -- >> her car comes crashing through the front. >> the strange cause of the crash. >> plus, dude can multi-task. >> surfing, singing and playing the guitar all at once. >> here's what it takes to pull off this balancing act. >> there are multiple things constantly on the back of my mind.
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hey, everybody. we got some of our favorite videos. >> remember this one where the boyfriend pushed his girl friend over the edge? >> yeah, i remember that. i broke up with that dude over that. >> and this flash dance in the hospital before breast cancer surgery. >> we want to know what your favorites are. >> now everybody get out there and vote. >> how's this for multi-tasking? in this video you're watching chris howe on a lake in canada.
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♪ ♪ >> surfing, singing and playing the guitar all at once. ♪ ♪ >> and he's performing here otis redding's "sitting on the dock of the day" and his own song, "chris howe's new best friend." >> is that green screened? >> no, this is all live. he's wearing a personal recording device taped on to his back. >> the cool thing is he is surfing the wake of the boat. all he has to do is not lose balance and play the guitar. >> you're right. listen, he is behind a boat. he can't hear himself. that makes an extra level of difficulty. if you can't hear yourself, you
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don't even know if you're carrying a tune. in another video, he's parasailing, playing a song "in your hands." it's not fair. he's a good looking guy. he's a musician and he can wait for it. >> come on, leave some talent for the rest of us. >> we've got chris joining us "right this minute." chris, you're pretty impressive. >> thank you. >> i understand you have an interesting way of practicing this. >> i set up my lawn mower in my garage and listened back to make sure i was singing in key. >> why did you start doing them together? >> it just an idea i had. in school we were talking about the idea of a purple cow. i thought why don't we throw a guitar in there, too. >> tell bushe parasailing
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video. >> it was a competition in ottawa. i said i should go up in the sky. they said sure, we have five minutes. i grabbed my recording gear and put my helmet on and up montana air i went. >> is there anything you're not good at, like can you walk and chew gum? >> i work on that every day. >> new dog. >> this is a classic case of hitting the wrong pedal in the car. this happened in cohasset, massachusetts on sunday. the car comes crashing into the front of the hardware store. they were standing behind the
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counter. the car took out the front window and some christmas tree displays. amazingly no one was injured. according to police, the 51-year-old driver was driving a 2001 honda rv and she was only about five feet tall and she had a home made extender. >> luckily nobody got hurt. >> the driver is charging one count of wrokless homemaking. >> the classic case of hitting the wrong pedal. >> will farrell stops by a
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in lebanon, this is probably one of the most beautiful places on earth. there's two caves that connect under a big river. it's stunning. but when you are a red bull athlete, you can't just go here and view the beauty. you have to partake in it. that is what duncan does. he's a wake boarder so why not wake in the waters of the gratto. >> i'm surprised they allow that because the formations are so delicate. but what an opportunity if you're a wake boarder. >> the cool thing is the authorities thought it was a great idea. they loved duncan was able to do that. they even allowed him to use a ramp. >> good idea for red bull to promote it and promotes this place. i'm blown away. >> two best friends. ♪ ♪
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♪ you'll always be my best friend ♪ >> so cute. >> will farrell has been all over the place promoting "anchorman 2," of course everybody is stoked about that sequel. he recently made an appearance on bbc radio 1 for "innuendo bingo." >> some people say things rude when they don't mean to. we clips from tv shows. if the chris was funny, he'll put it in. here they go. >> water please. restoring english heritage where
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they're building a belt. >> will completely uhangow is t advice of teddy roosevelt, speak softly and carry a big stick. i promise you the president has a big stick. >> will has the same glass of water in his mouth until eventually -- >> this was clearly on purpose. >> the best clip they pay i think is this one. >> the 18th of september. >> i'm so sorry. >> if you've got will farrell on
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the show, this is a much better video segment than say anything. >> i'm such a huge fan of yours, man. >> really funny. if you want to see the entire thing head to our web site or watch it on our mobile app. >> that's it for us here on "right this minute." we'll see you next time, everybody. wouldn't it be nice if there was a wireless company that put you on their gift list?
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hi,everybody. i'm beth troutman. we've got great videos and the stories behind them "right this minute". >> it's a vicious attack when a thug grabs a folding chair -- >> he starts baiting this guy with it. >> the story behind the venice beach violence captured from an upstairs window. >> talk about your -- >> force power. >> the stunt that schooled them on the racetrack. >> his chemohe


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